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Mitomic Testing.

A revolution in disease detectionand prognosis

Using our Mitomic Technology, Mitomics Inc. has developed an advanced portfolio of solutions for disease detection and prognosis. We currently have, or are developing, Mitomic Tests for the early detection of Prostate, Ovarian and Lung Cancers and Endometriosis.


Mitomic Prostate Test

For the measurement of the 3.4 kb deletion to determine risk of significant prostate cancer

The Mitomic Prostate Test is the most accurate way of determining if a patient is at risk of having clinically significant prostate cancer, outperforming every other test on the market with just a simple blood test. Its high negative predictive value for clinically significant cancer enables more accurate and informed biopsy decisions.

  • A simple blood test with unrivalled accuracy

  • 97-100% negative predictive value

  • Independent of PSA and age

  • No algorithm, just a simple yes or no


Mitomic Endometriosis Test

176 million women worldwide suffer from endometriosis, a disease that is notoriously difficult to diagnose

MET is the first ever non-invasive blood-based test. It identifies the 8.7kb mitochondrial DNA deletion, a new and accurate biomarker of endometriosis with the potential to significantly reduce the diagnostic delay and stall disease progression with earlier intervention.

More Mitomic Tests coming soon

At Mitomics Inc. we’re constantly working on bringing new, highly accurate tests to market for hard to diagnose diseases. Mitomic Tests are currently in development for the early detection of Endometriosis and Ovarian, Lung, Liver, Pancreatic and Stomach Cancers.

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