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Flu & Immunization Program


Traer Medical delivers immunization/vaccination programs on site at client corporate sites in addition to our clinic sites.

This enables all employees convenient access to the service in a cost effective manner as employees do not have to leave site to benefit from the program.

On-site clinics consist of a registered nurse coming to your facility and administering immunizations. All PPE and materials are provided and sharps and biohazard waste are removed from site by our staff at the end of the clinic day.

Our Flu (Influenza) Immunization Program is chosen by employers who want to ensure they provide a convenient option to ensure the majority of their employees are vaccinated against the Flu. Given the current access issues with pharmacies and physician offices, this service will be chosen by even more employers this year.

We deliver immunizations to support our clients’ blood-borne pathogen policies including Tetanus, and Hepatitis A and B or Twinrix vaccination.

We also conduct TB (Tuberculosis) Mantoux Testing.

If you require other immunizations or a customized program, we will be pleased to deliver that with the support of our pharmacy and travel medicine clinic consultants.

Please reach out to us if you have a general inquiry or questions about the types of Occupational Health services available.

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